Late 19th C. / early 20th C. carved wood and bronzed cushion frame

Frame #1722



This frame has a robust bead, reel and stick design at the sight edge. Large laurel leaves and berries, corner straps and crossed ribbons at the centers of the flattened convex top profile. The broad, flat back edge has the beads, reels and stick motif. Original bronzed finish (?)

Sight Size: 17 11/16 x 27 7/16

Rabbet Size: 18 3/16 x 27 15/16

Moulding Width: 4

Any of our frames can be restored, re-sized or have a gilded liner added to alter the size.

Please contact us for more information.

Frame Size Definitions:

Sight Size refers to the smallest interior measure or opening size in
the frame as viewed from the front of the frame.
Rabbet Size refers to the inside measurement from the back of the frame
that the art or a mirror would fit into.

Width refers to the molding width from the inner sight edge to the outside edge of the frame.
Description: The frames are described from the inside sight edge
across the width of the molding to the outside edge.

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