Packing & Shipping, Returns

Packing and shipping is not included in the listed prices. We will request shipping quotes from shipping agents for our our clients if requested or they may make their own arrangements.

Packing and shipping will be professionally done by us or a packing and shipping company.
Insurance for the shipment is strongly recommended. The charges for these will be added to the invoice amount.

Since the sizes, weights and delivery time requirements vary considerably for each item, the packing and shipping charges will be quoted individually.

We can assist in resolving any shipping issues but we will not assume any liability for the shipment once it leaves our premises.

In the event a frame is damaged in shipping, the buyer will need to file a claim with the shipper immediately. Any reimbursement will come from the shipper or the shipper’s insurance company. Atelier Richard Boerth shall not be held liable for refunds due to damage during shipping.

Please inquire for more details.

Return Policy

We strongly recommend that you contact us for more information regarding any frame considered for purchase.

We can provide more details about the condition of any frame if needed. This will help avoid any need for returns.

For more information on Returns see Terms of Service