A person using a pair of scissors to cut wood.

Handcrafting Frames in Different Styles for Artworks and Mirrors

Atelier Richard Boerth can design and handcraft any style, size, or finish of frame desired. We build exceptional custom frames to complement any artwork and fabricate unique and stunning mirror frames.

Extensive knowledge of the frame design from the Renaissance to modern, and a comprehensive understanding of the balance between aesthetics and function allow us to produce the ideal frame.

We start with planks of select hardwoods to produce the frame’s profiles. Hand carving, veneering, or brushing on gesso follow. The finishing touches are then added with either expertly applied and patinated gold or silver leaf, ebonized black, or specialty painted finishes. Relying on lessons handed down through the generations, the studio’s craftspeople use traditional techniques and tools to produce each frame with an artisan’s eye for detail.

Many techniques can be used to create unique effects. Richard is skilled in the art of la reparure, which is a French term for refining and adding details in the gesso surface of the frame before gilding. We apply different karats of gold in the gold leafing process to add color and tonality or employ techniques such as punchwork or sgraffito, whereby an opaque color is applied over the gold then carefully scratched away to create designs by exposing the gold underneath.

The possibilities are almost limitless. And when the frame is finished, services such as archival matting, fitting, and installation are available to complete your masterpiece.