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About Atelier Richard Boerth

A third-generation frame maker and restoration expert with 50 years of experience, Richard Boerth has worked and studied in respected frame and gilding studios throughout the U.S. and Europe. Most notably, he trained at the renowned Ateliers Jacques Goujon in Paris, where he became steeped in the art of restoration, the esthetics, and the history of gilded frames and furniture from the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries.

Routinely holding communion with artists from the past as he presently works on the pieces they created, Richard has a commitment to excellence and continued education on fine frames, gilding, and related fields. He regularly travels throughout Europe and the U.S. to participate in workshops and conferences on subjects that include conservation, frame history, and age-old technologies.

Richard uses this knowledge to create awareness and to keep this craft from the past alive and relevant in today’s society. He routinely gives lectures to museum groups and others and is available to speak to groups about his profession and his life long pursuit of the exceptional in his profession.

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