Restoration of Antique Frames and Gilded Surfaces

If you have an antique frame or piece of gilded furniture that’s damaged, neglected, or has just lost its luster, Atelier Richard Boerth can restore it to its former glory.

Using traditional and current materials and techniques, our restoration expertise can be used to correct structural problems or any damage to the gesso surfaces or ornament. We carve wood replacements or cast traditional composition ornaments for missing elements as needed. All of our work will preserve and protect as much of the original components and patina as possible.

When presented with a frame that’s in need of repair, we will examine the piece to discover all adverse conditions. The extent of repair required can vary dramatically. In some cases, there may be several conservation or restoration options available. We will discuss the alternatives with you and propose a course of action based on your expectations and our knowledge. All work will be completed to the highest standards regardless of the complexity of the project. Our goal is to give your prized possession a new life and a continuing future.

Conserving a frame for a Paolo Veronese and Workshop painting “Venus and Adonis” circa 1570’s for the Seattle Art Museum.

Late 19th C. frame with ornament losses including the entire top outer edge and interior beads.

Restored frame with missing ornament added and 23 karat gold leaf toned to match the original surfaces.

Carved wood replacement for missing piece on the bottom of a 20th C. mirror frame.

Restored bottom portion of the mirror frame with 23 karat gold leaf toned to blend in with original surfaces.

Late 19th C. frame severely damaged with loss of gesso and ornament.

Restoration of damaged areas with 23 karat gold leaf toned to match the the original undamaged surfaces.