A gold frame with a large ornate design on it.

Explore Our Fine Selection of Authentic Antique Frames

Atelier Richard Boerth carries a wide selection of American and European period picture frames ranging in style from the richly ornate pieces from the 17th century to the more subdued elegance of the early 20th century.

Antique frames are typically carved wood or a traditional cast composition ornament attached to a wood base. The majority of the frames in our collection have a gold leaf or silver leaf finish, but our gallery also displays other sophisticated finishes such as ebonized black or marbleized and painted finishes. Rich veneers and polished hardwoods are also available.

Having the proper frame for a painting or other artwork is of the utmost importance. A picture frame that’s the wrong scale, size, or of inferior quality can overwhelm a piece of art or diminish its presence. With the selection in the Atelier Richard Boerth gallery, every collector can find the frame that will complement both the art and the interior design of the space in which the art will be displayed.

Our frame gallery also exhibits many unique antique framed mirrors. We also use frames from our collection to create framed mirrors that can be a dramatic focal point in any style of décor.