A person is wrapping gold leaf onto paper.

Using methods passed down from before the Renaissance, Atelier Richard Boerth applies gold and other precious leaf to picture frames, furniture, architectural elements and other objects instrumental in interior decor.

These methods of gold leaf application are generally known as gilding. First the surface is properly prepared and then the leaf is expertly laid. We apply mostly 23 and 22 karat gold leaf but also use many other shades and types of leaf such as 12 K white gold, silver, brass and aluminum leaf.

Essentially two methods of gilding are used: water gilding and oil (or mordant) gilding.

Water gilding requires the ultimate skill level and a considerable amount of time. This is the process most used at Atelier Richard Boerth which yields brilliant burnished and soft matte surfaces. This creates a beauty and complexity of appearance that no other material or technique can rival.

Oil gilding has a long history but is less time consuming. This method produces a more uniform sheen but it can be manipulated to produce stunning effects.

Both methods can be rubbed, toned or patinated to achieve an aged appearance. Conversely, either can be treated minimally or subtly to produce a contemporary look.