• This frame has a foliate sight edge with a flat sanded frieze. The ogee profile has scalloped bands with scrolling ends surrounding floral and leaf sprays. Large leaves at the corners with cove sides and an overlapping scallop motif at the back edge. Original gilding. Frame has been re-sized. Original? gilding, sized, missing portion of sight edge Sight size: 24 1/16 x 34 1/16 Rabbet size: 25 1/2 x 35 3/8 Moulding width: 4
  • "This frame has a convex top profile with leaves and flowers carved in low relief at the corners and centers with burnished reposes between. A cove lies below with a raised outer edge carved with leaves on a textured background. These frames are often referred to as Canaletto or Lely frames after the Italian or English artists " Excellent Sight size: 24 1/16 x 29
    Rabbet size: 26 1/2 X 30 1/2
    Moulding width: 3 1/2
  • This frame has a foliate sight edge with sanded frieze rising in an ogee profile with extended corner and center cartouches. The ogee portions between the cartouches have low relief scrolling leaves and flowers set on a cross hatched and textured background.The corner and center cartouches have scrolling leaves with C-scroll centers or shells on a wider cross hatching. Side coves with a dentil motif at the back edge. Original gilding with gray wash. Excellent
  • This frame has a slightly carved sight edge, a cove set between narrow cross hatched bands and a convex profile with stylized leaves at the corners and centers with plain raised panels between. Flat sides. It appears to have been reduced slightly from its' original size. Bronze paint covers the original silver gilding. Gold paint over silver, minor wood losses
  • This carved frame has a foliate sight edge, cove and an ogee profile with C-scrolls, flowers leaves and tendrils. The corners have low relief, fanned leaves. Cove sides with an egg and dart motif on the back edge. The frame has been reduced in size and has been painted with bronze paint. Re-gessoed, re-gilded, overpainted, cut down
  • This frame has lambs' tongue at the sight edge rising in various profiles to a square fillet. The cove rises to an egg and dart motif and the flat top edge. The flat sides slope back, slightly inward. There is evidence of gold leaf under the bronzing. Gesso losses, missing applied ornament Sight size: 23 x 30 9/16
    Rabbet size: 24 1/4 x 31 3/4
    Moulding width: 3
  • This frame has a modern narrow gold leaf liner. The outer frame rises in a steep convex profile that drops to a a deep cove and then ascends to the rounded top edge which overhangs the inner and outer coves below. The outer edge has a raised narrow profile that drops with a rounded back edge. Matte ebonized finish. Good Sight size: 16 7/16 x 23
    Rabbet size: 17 1/8 x 23 3/4
    Moulding width: 5 5/8
  • This frame has a wide foliate sight edge with a cove surrounding it. The broad ogee profile rises to a flat top edge. The large corner elements have curling leaves and C-scrolls with leaf tips. The concave sides deeply undercut the top edge. Original gilding. Missing applied ornament, gesso losses Sight size: 17 5/8 x 21 7/8
    Rabbet size: 18 7/8 x 23 1/8
    Moulding width: 6 1/2
  • "This frame has a narrow, modern white liner, a beaded sight edge and plain frieze with a carved ribbon and stick below the flat top edge. Side coves with a plain back edge. Re-gilded with gold metal leaf " Releafed in GML Sight size: 22 3/16 x 26 3/16
    Rabbet size: 22 3/16 x 26 3/16
    Moulding width: 4 1/2
  • This raw oak frame is finely carved with a leaf detail at the sight edge. Corner and center cartouches have shells and curving leaves and tendrils surrounding them. Below the swept top edge are hollowed reposes with floral sprigs and the outer back edge has a banded oval design. One small area of loss in corner Sight size: 20 7/8 x 25 1/4 Rabbet size: 21 5/8 x 26 Moulding width: 5
  • "This frame has a sloped base with a diamond patterned floor like ""tile"" design. The sides and top have a reeded sight edge rising in a cove with two rounded columns on the sides with a flat top edge on the sides and top. The sides are ebonized flats. Original gilding. The frame is designed to appear as if the viewer is looking past a portal into an interior scene in a style found in the 1400's." Gesso losses, worn gilding Sight size: 26 13/16 x 27 3/8
    Rabbet size: 28 9/16 x 27 15/16
    Moulding width: 3 7/8
  • "This frame has a narrow beveled sight edge with two rows of beads and reels and a stylized leaf motif rising to a a raised flat top with carved floral garlands. The sides drop down with a cove and a carved curling leaf and stick design on the back edge. Gold paint over the original finish. Frame makers label: Florence." Carved wood, gold paint over original gilding, minor gesso loss
  • This frame has a flat sight edge with three steps up to a fluted cove below the top edge with a large laurel leaf and berry design with straps at the corners and centers. The profile drops to a narrow cove then descends with large ogee profile acanthus leaves with curled up ends. The back edge is a narrow cove. Original gilding. Applied ornament loss
  • This frame has a small cove at the sight edge stepping up to the twisted ribbon design at the top edge. The profile drops in a cove and a series of steps to the lamb's tongue motif at the back edge. Original gilding partially obscured by bronze paint in places. Good, gold paint on portions Sight size: 13 x 16 3/4
    Rabbet size: 13 3/4 x 17 1/2
    Moulding width: 3 1/4
  • This frame has a foliate sight edge, a flat frieze with a carved ribbon and stick detail rising in a steep cove to a reeded top edge with cross straps. Cove sides have a beaded back edge. Original gilding. The frame has been reduced from its' original size. Carved ornament, cut down, gesso losses, ornament losses, gold overpaint
  • This carved frame has a foliate sight edge with sanded frieze below an ogee profile with leaves, flowers and strap work on a cross hatched background. Extended corners and centers with scrolling leaves, tendrils and floral motifs. The sides are coves with a dentil back edge. Gold leaf and toning for an antique Louis XIV appearance. Excellent Sight size: 36 x 40 7/8 3/4 Rabbet size: 36 3/4 x 41 Moulding width: 4 1/2
  • This frame has a sight edge with carved leaf tipsbelow a plain ogee profile with a rounded top edge. Cove sides with a narrow reeded back edge. Original gilding. Excellent
  • "This frame has a narrow cove at the sight edge, a raised foliate detail and a sanded panel. The broad, plain ogee profile has extended corners carved with pierced, scrolling leaves and flowers. Cove sides with a dentil design at the back edge. Original rubbed gold leaf finish. " Good Sight size: 27 5/8 x 16 1/2
    Rabbet size: 28 3/4 x 17 11/16
    Moulding width: 4 3/4
  • This frame has a narrow cove at the sight edge with a wider cove above. A beveled frieze rises to another cove and the flat top edge with flat sides. Oiled finish. Excellent
  • This frame has a foliate sight edge with a step up to the convex top edge. The downward curving profile below has raised C-scrolls and S-scrolls defining the outer edges. The extended corners and centers have medallions surrounded by C-scrolls and leaves with extended floral sprigs. Original gilding Gesso and ornament losses Sight size: 22 3/4 x 31 1/8
    Rabbet size: 23 1/2 x 31 7/8
    Moulding width: 4
  • This frame has undulating leaf with oval shapes at the sight edge rising in an ogee profile with a textured netting surface with swept outside edges with a rounded top edge. The corner cartouches have a round medallion bound by C-scrolls set on a circle of radiating leaves . On either side a leaf and flower motif extend outward from the corners with a repose between. The sides are a concave profile undercutting the top outside edge. Original gilding. Original gilding, applied ornament losses
  • This frame has a broad convex profile with an intricate array of leaves, flowers and straps over a crosshatched background. The centers are circular medallions surrounded by fanned leaves and C-scrolls. The corners have the same motifs with an extended leaf tip at the outer corner. Original gilding. The frame originally had a liner which is missing. Original gilding, missing applied ornament, missing liner
  • This frame has a flat sight edge, a narrow cove then rising in a broad, sloped flat to the top edge. A wide cove on the outside portion with a flat back edge and sides. Original gilding. Original gilding, open miters, gesso loss
  • This frame has a narrow cove at the sight edge, a narrow flat band rising in a beveled frieze to the curved top edge. The top half of the sides is a cove with a flat bottom portion. Re-gilded. Excellent
September 2023
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